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Computer Repair

30100 SW Brown Rd.

Wilsonville, OR 97070

(503) 869-9084

1-Player Pong

2-Player by Dan Hieb @ 30fp/s HTML5:

UP is W

UP is Num8
DOWN is Num5

Card Matching Game (June - 2014):

Fully portable to fix your computer!

Portable Office - Computer Repair Wilsonville

ComputerRepairWilsonville.com becomes visible in Google!

Over the course of this month, Daniel Hieb begins work on Marketing "behind the scenes". We started out this month being on the 3rd Page of Google searches relavent to "Computer Repair Wilsonville". A combination of raw html and web design made available all aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

We are fortunate to have him working on our website and look forward to watching our site reach the #1 and #2 spot in Google. Currently we are #2-#5 in Google for the keywords we just began targeting. Seeing that we are #1 in Bing and Yahoo (for search term "Computer Repair Wilsonville"), success alike is inevitable on Google!

It is my pleasure to introduce: BuildingBlocksElc.com

After the initial design was up it took just a few weeks to notice an increase of visitors to their site. In fact, three weeks after SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimizing, we noticed a 200% increase of daily traffic compared to the same time last year! They were getting 10-15 visitors per day on average before in June through September. Now they are getting 20-45 visitors per day!

It was a great experience to see these results. Especially considering they now spend $0 a month on Ad placement services (that didn't necessarily target the right group of people).


Computer Repair

  • Mobile repairs(in town)

  • $50/hr.

  • In shop repairs

  • $25/hr. (24-48hr turnaround)

Web Design

$20* an hour

PHP Programming rates vary per project.

* Hosting plans + a domain can be $100 or more. This is separate to my fees.